• Wheat berry, lentil, and quinoa tossed in lemonvinaigrette
  • Deliciously prepared featured Steak
  • Toasted ham, cheese and bechamel sandwich
  • Wide spiral potatoes with green chili and cheese sauce
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About us

Something westward
this way comes

West of Surrender is food and drink from the American West made modern - familiar ingredients from a storied place and time, reimagined for today’s tastes, and served with an optimistic spirit in a legendary location.

In the mid-to-late 1800s, tens of thousands of Americans left the relative civilization and stability of the east coast in search of newfound prosperity. Venturing west was prompted by one of two things— the chance to head toward opportunity or to run away from failure or misdeeds. Either motive meant untold danger and one had to wager that what lay ahead was better than what was being left behind. That, in the simplest terms, the reward outweighed the risk.

West of Surrender is more than a name, it is our drive. It means: beyond giving up; too late to turn back; leaving failure behind; and chasing chance. We’re all on some kind of journey, we celebrate that here. Join us!